Are you an entrepreneur, realtor, or freelancer working hard for your money, but have no idea what to do with it — or where it goes?

Maybe you've told yourself that numbers just aren't your thing?

Does this sound like you?

Spending all your time hustling to make money, but no time figuring out how to save or invest it

Crave financial confidence, but the information out there is overwhelming and confusing

Want to prepare for the future, but have no idea where to get started

Feel anxiety checking your bank accounts, personal or business and impulse spend (have have you ever said, “well it's a write off, so…”?)

You're a female realtor or solopreneur trying to navigate a financial world built by men

Attempting to manage your money with fluctuating income

Master Your Money

The Financial Framework to Gain Confidence and Clarity

The MYM Get R.I.C.H. Framework






Welcome + Money Mindset 

in five weeks, we'll cover


Financial Foundations in Your Business


Your Enough Number, Budgeting for Fluctuating Income, Paying Yourself


Tax Categorization + Write Offs, Peer Driven Purchases, Tracking


ROI, Goal Setting, Retirement

Master Your Money is for:

creative entrepreneurs
course and content creators
retail space owners
virtual assistants
web designers
.... and any female small business owner ready to get r.i.c.h.

After MYM, you will:

Have clear financial goals, and a plan to meet them

Know how to run your finances, month to month and year to year

Have a personalized budget for fluctuating income

Understand tax categorization, brackets, and write-offs

Get an actionable plan for retirement savings

Go from financial confusion to clarity,
and from overwhelmed to in control

… and way more, because I'm getting real nerdy over here!