After ten years as a wedding photographer, real estate investor, and small business owner, I kept hearing the same story from my biz besties over and over again. While outwardly successful in their businesses, they were utterly failing in their financial goals (if they even had financial goals).

Sound familiar?

I started asking every businesswoman I knew about their money. I learned that less than 2% of the creative entrepreneurs in my network were happy with the state of their finances. That's when I started my career as a financial educator.

I believe that money doesn't have to be scary, that curiosity is more important than correctness, and that everyone can become an expert of their own money. (With a little bit of help — that's where I come in.)

When not crunching numbers, you can find me renovating a river cabin with my partner Barry, taking my dachshund Gus for a long morning walk (with a London fog latte), and planning to have Asian food for dinner tonight (again).

I'm Sarah Becker, and I love talking about money.

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