Every entrepreneur (and her business) is different, and your plan should be too.

"Sarah is a no-BS, solution-oriented, realistic, delightful, and smart person. She is fantastic at quickly understanding and accessing a variety of money situations. If you want to feel comfortable, reassured, excited, and in control of your finances with realistic recommendations for your future β€” she's the one talk to."

- Ashley O'Neill, Founder

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

Getting your finances in order is always a good idea β€” we can agree on that, right?

But β€” when faced with information overwhelm, bank account anxiety, and uncertainty of how to meet those financial dreams, it can be nearly impossible to determine the right path to your goals and the first step to take.

I partner with female creative entrepreneurs to create custom financial plans for their life and business that take all the guesswork out of money. 

I'm truly so excited to create a custom money plan curated to your specific needs and success so you can kick financial confusion to the curb and grow your wealth. Let's get to it!

Finally know exactly how much money you need to make, and where every dollar goes.

Need regular accountability and guidance as you walk through the steps to meet your financial goals?

I'm here for you. We'll start with a deep dive, then meet twice a month for regular strategy sessions (as well as access to me via email) and I'll walk alongside you to make sure you meet the goals we set.


Not sure how much money you need, how much you're spending, or how to reach your goals?

I'll walk you through a full financial audit, goal setting workbook, determining your "enough" number, and make a custom financial plan so you can leave all that financial confusion behind.

Deep dive



Not sure how to start saving for retirement? Need to figure out a debt plan? Spending too much in your business? Book half an hour with me to tackle literally anything (money-related)!

This is perfect for you if you have specific questions but are mostly on-track financially.




1. Inquire

Reach out to me and choose the service that's right for you.

Services start at about what you typically spend when entering a Target (how does it happen every time?!), and what you'll learn will last a lot longer than those goodies from the dollar spot.

2. Homework

You'll need to come to the table with your numbers, your questions, your problem spots, and your goals.

Don't worry, I'll walk you through a questionnaire with exercises on how to get all of those lined up in advance so we can make the absolute most of our time together.

3. Learn

My favorite part! Our time together.

We'll go through all your homework line by line, see what you can be doing differently, brainstorm ideas to reach your financial goals, and make an action plan.

4. Grow

Get your customized financial plan for your life and business complete with checklists, how-to videos, and invaluable resources.



BOOK deep dive

email me

When working with me, you'll receive:

Confidence in knowing exactly how much money you need.

Answers to all those financial questions you've had rolling around in your brain - and answers to some questions you've probably never thought of, too!

Clear and actionable goals to get where you want to go.

Step-by-step action plan, custom just to you and your business (full of timelines, to-dos, and resources) to meet those goals and dreams.

A growing nest egg of funds ready for you when it’s time to  invest in real estate, retire early, start that new venture, whatever life may bring you ... and when you get there, have a glass of champagne in my honor, okay?

Financial clarity on your current situation.